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Sunstone Tumbles

Sunstone Tumbles

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Sunstone Tumbles

Sunstone: This crystal is good for luck, and self-empowerment.

Sunstone is associated with good luck and favorable outcomes. It possesses the ability to cleanse and invigorate all the body's energy centers, known as chakras. Sunstone nurtures a positive disposition, heightens intuitive faculties, and enables one's authentic self to radiate with joy. It dispels fear, eases stress, and bolsters overall vitality. This gemstone fosters qualities of independence and originality, offering particular assistance to those who find it challenging to decline requests from others. Sunstone actively promotes self-empowerment and autonomy and can function as a natural mood enhancer. It contributes to the development of self-worth and self-confidence, cultivating optimism and enthusiasm while sparking the innate potential for self-healing.

On a physical level, Sunstone proves effective in addressing chronic sore throats, reducing stomach tension, and providing relief from ulcers. Additionally, it can be valuable in the treatment of cartilage and spinal issues.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the expected results as all metaphysical property are based on faith and they should never be a substitute for medical care.


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