Behind Why Crystals Work

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone who starts talking about their favorite crystals that have healing properties and thought "Wow they must be crazy for thinking a rock has magical properties."?

Well turns out they're not so crazy after all.

In fact, everything about crystals can be traced to science and metaphysics! Yep, that's right. I said! You know the class in high school you thought you'd never use in the real world. Then there is metaphysics, or more commonly said metaphysical. Basically the nature of the mind in layman's terms. So with that being said, I'm going to give you the "simple" version on how they work. No technical jargon here. OK, OK maybe a few words!

Crystals can grow in a couple different ways but they're all relatively the same. For example, a hot liquid called magma (same thing as lava except magma is underground) is cooled slowly and water evaporates from the mixture thus forming crystals. These newly formed crystals contain 3 vital attributes that literally make up EVERYTHING! Your food, phone, house, and even YOU!

Energy. Frequency. Vibration.

You may have heard of this before if your a fan of Nikola Tesla, no not Elon Musk's Tesla. Everything on earth is made up of energy. It cannot be created or destroyed only transferred. Frequency is measure in Hertz (Hz). Hertz is the speed at which something vibrates, aka vibrational energy. In fact, humans naturally vibrate at about 62 - 78MHz. Which is low compared to some crystals. Selenite vibrates at a whopping 244,000,000MHz and that's why it's such a great charging crystal because it's packed with energy!

Now you may ask how do we know what crystals do what?

The answer is most frequencies induce a feeling or action. For example, love is synonymous with crystals that vibrate at the same frequency like rose quartz. We could go on and on for days but I'd rather you have fun and pick out your new found crystals.