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Small Garden/Lodolite Quartz Towers

Small Garden/Lodolite Quartz Towers

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Small Garden/Lodolite Quartz Towers

• Aligns Cosmic Consciousness
• Exceptional Dream Recall
• Enhances Astral Projection
• Enhances Past Life Connections
• Stimulates Spiritual Growth
• Enhances Shadow Work
• Heals & Balances the Body

***Intuitively chosen. 

Lodolite quartz, is clear quartz (rock crystal) embedded with the formations of moss or another entirely different mineral composition trapped and enclosed within the main crystalline structure.
While the crystal is forming, there is a lull in the growth process. This lull could be many years, or decades depending upon the circumstances and conditions within the cave formation. During this lull, another mineral or element is introduced into the SiO2 feed, or mother solution allowing the secondary substance to attach itself to the original crystalline structure. The quartz crystal, now holds the the additional element while maintaining its original integrity.

Lodolite is also known as Ghost Phantom Quartz, Scenic Quartz, Garden Quartz, Included Quartz or Landscape Quartz. Generally retailers select to advertise this crystal using one of its more common names.


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