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RED SARDONYX BRACELET - Stamina, Willpower, Clear Communication, Happiness

RED SARDONYX BRACELET - Stamina, Willpower, Clear Communication, Happiness

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All sales are final. Please be sure you have chosen your correct bracelet size and/or bead size. Each crystal is unique and differs from one another in color/pattern and no two bracelets are alike.

Red Sardonyx Bracelet

Sardonyx: This crystal is good for stamina, willpower, clear communication, and happiness.

Sardonyx is recognized for its qualities of safeguarding and fortitude. This stone encourages honorable behavior and upholds principles of integrity. Sardonyx possesses the power to draw friends and favorable circumstances into one's life, fostering enduring happiness and stability in relationships. It bolsters one's determination and fortifies their moral character. Sardonyx also enhances resilience, vitality, and self-discipline while dispelling depression and hesitancy. It further refines perception.

In terms of physical well-being, Sardonyx contributes to the healing of the lungs and bones. It plays a regulatory role in managing bodily fluids and cell metabolism, reinforcing the immune system in the process.

Sardonyx by Colors:

Black - absorbs negativity

Clear - purifies

Orange/Red - stimulates

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the expected results as all metaphysical property are based on faith and they should never be a substitute for medical care.

6mm beads. 


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