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PREHNITE BRACELET - ADHD, Alleviating Phobias, Peace, Decluttering

PREHNITE BRACELET - ADHD, Alleviating Phobias, Peace, Decluttering

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All sales are final. Please be sure you have chosen your correct bracelet size and/or bead size. Each crystal is unique and differs from one another in color/pattern and no two bracelets are alike.

Prehnite Bracelet

Prehnite: This crystal is good for ADHD, harmony, decluttering, and alleviating phobias.  

Prehnite is renowned as a stone that embodies unconditional love and is often considered the crystal for healing those who serve as healers themselves. It possesses the unique ability to amplify precognition and inner intuition, empowering individuals to remain constantly prepared. Prehnite carries a soothing presence that promotes serenity and safeguards one's surroundings. Additionally, it imparts the wisdom of harmonizing with the natural world and the elemental forces that govern it.

This versatile stone serves as a valuable aid in the process of decluttering, assisting in the release of possessions that are no longer necessary. It offers support to individuals who hoard material possessions or seek external sources of love due to inner voids. Prehnite also addresses unsettling nightmares, phobias, and deep-seated fears, unveiling and healing the underlying sources of these disturbances. Furthermore, it is renowned as a stone that enhances dreaming and facilitates the recall of dreams.

From a physical perspective, Prehnite contributes to the healing of the kidneys and bladder, fortifying the thymus gland, and promoting well-being in the shoulders, chest, and lungs. It proves effective in treating conditions like gout and various blood disorders. Prehnite's unique properties extend to repairing connective tissue within the body, and it has the potential to stabilize malignancies.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the expected results as all metaphysical property are based on faith and they should never be a substitute for medical care.

8mm beads.


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