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Mookaite Tumbles

Mookaite Tumbles

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Mookaite Tumbles

Mookaite: This crystal is good for peace, decision making, increasing physical energy, and emotional growth.

***Intuitively Chosen. 

Mookaite serves as a nurturing companion that offers steadfast support during moments of stress, fostering a sense of inner peace and completeness. It proves invaluable in aiding decision-making, especially in challenging circumstances, and actively encourages adaptability while facilitating the acceptance of change. This nurturing stone also nurtures emotional growth, guiding us to explore all available options in any given situation and make informed choices. Mookaite additionally acts as a protective barrier, shielding us from negative or perilous environments by repelling unwanted external influences and distractions, unveiling concealed truths.

Furthermore, Mookaite sparks newfound energy and innovative ideas, kindling enthusiasm and allowing us to tap into our inherent excellence, fostering self-compassion and extending kindness to both ourselves and others. Additionally, Mookaite assists in connecting with loved ones who have passed away.

From a holistic perspective, Mookaite contributes to the overall well-being of the body, bolstering the immune system and promoting stability in one's health.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the expected results as all metaphysical property are based on faith and they should never be a substitute for medical care.


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