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Iris Agate Butterfly

Iris Agate Butterfly

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Iris Agate Butterfly

**Intuitively chosen.

Iris Agate is an iridescent agate, that exhibits a spectrum of colors when thinly sliced and viewed under a light.

Iris Agate emerges as a transformative crystal, offering you the opportunity for profound self-reflection and inner clarity. Its energies are notably potent and possess the capacity to positively influence your entire chakra system, with a primary resonance observed in the crown, third eye, and throat chakras. Iris Agate operates on elevated vibrational frequencies that can facilitate the transmission of these frequencies into your physical existence. This transformative process is most effectively unlocked through deep meditation, which engages the crown chakra and establishes a connection with spiritual energies that transcend our earthly plane.

The third eye chakra, when in sync with Iris Agate, becomes a receptor for vivid imagery, accessible through practices like lucid dreaming, astral projection, and other dream-related activities. These images and energies gradually merge with your reality, potentially leading to the emergence of new goals or desires that stir motivation and excitement within your very core.


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