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Golden Healer Palmstone

Golden Healer Palmstone

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Golden Healer Palmstone

**Intuitively chosen.

Golden Healer serves as a conduit to connect us with the radiant Golden Ray, a manifestation of the universal life force, divine spirit, source energy, or the essence of creation itself. It holds a distinguished position among master healers, enabling the flow of the Golden Ray into our being via the Crown Chakra.

This exalted vibrational energy extends its golden luminescence throughout the body, dissolving blockages and harmonizing imbalances, thereby preparing the body for comprehensive healing. It possesses the extraordinary capability to reach even the deepest cellular level, activating our crystalline 12-strand DNA. The energy of Golden Healer is both potent and gentle, offering a soothing embrace.

Golden Healer is instrumental in elevating our energy vibration or frequency, facilitating spiritual communication across vast distances, including connections between different realms and dimensions. Engaging in meditation with Golden Healer establishes a profound connection with the source energy.

In healing practices, Golden Healer can be strategically placed under a healing or massage table, infusing the space with a sustained and gentle energy flow throughout the entire session. When positioned on an altar or grid, it elevates the frequency and vibration of the grid's intended purpose. This remarkable crystal carries the power to enhance feelings of joy, inner peace, and a sense of oneness.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the expected results as all metaphysical property


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