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CARNELIAN BRACELET - Grounding, Creativity, Action

CARNELIAN BRACELET - Grounding, Creativity, Action

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All sales are final. Please be sure you have chosen your correct bracelet size and/or bead size. Each crystal is unique and differs from one another in color/pattern and no two bracelets are alike.

Carnelian Bracelet

Carnelian: This crystal is good for grounding, motivation, creativity, calm, courage, and clarifies perception.

Carnelian, often referred to as a stabilizing gemstone, has the ability to rejuvenate one's vitality and motivation while igniting their creative spark. It instills courage, fosters positive life decisions, dispels indifference, and serves as a driving force for achieving success. This precious stone proves valuable in overcoming various forms of abuse, bolstering self-trust and enhancing one's perceptiveness. Carnelian counteracts negative conditioning and encourages unwavering determination, while also refining analytical skills and sharpening focus, eliminating mental sluggishness. Moreover, it offers protection against envy, anger, and resentment, soothing irritations and replacing them with a profound appreciation for life. Carnelian also has the potential to enhance fertility and awaken sensuality.

In terms of physical well-being, Carnelian addresses issues such as lower back pain, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, and depression. It plays a role in regulating kidney function and expedites the healing process for bones and ligaments. Furthermore, Carnelian aids in the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, ensuring optimal blood circulation to vital organs and tissues.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the expected results as all metaphysical property are based on faith and they should never be a substitute for medical care. 

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