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Afghan Jade Vase

Afghan Jade Vase

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Afghan Jade Vase

Jade: This crystal is good for serenity, tranquilly, and love.

***Read A-C from left to right in pictures. All stand at 4.5" tall.

Jade embodies the essence of tranquility and purity, serving as a powerful symbol. It represents the accumulation of wisdom through peaceful reflection, while fostering feelings of love and nurturing. With its protective qualities, Jade acts as a guardian, shielding its bearer from harm and fostering harmony. This remarkable stone also has the ability to attract good fortune and cultivate friendships. Moreover, it promotes inner stability and nurtures self-sufficiency, soothing the mind and liberating it from negativity. Jade stimulates creativity and serves as a 'dream stone,' inspiring insightful dreams. It assists in the release of pent-up emotions, particularly irritability, and encourages authenticity.

Jade plays a significant role in supporting the body's filtration and elimination processes, making it particularly effective in treating kidney issues and adrenal gland health. It has the unique capability to eliminate toxins, restore balance to the skeletal and cellular systems, and aid in the healing of wounds and stitches. Furthermore, Jade has been known to enhance fertility and support the process of childbirth, contributing to overall fluid balance within the body.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee the expected results as all metaphysical property are based on faith and they should never be a substitute for medical care. 


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